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5 Ways to Stay Cool in Gatlinburg in Summer

Summer in Gatlinburg can get a bit warm, but don’t let that stop you from having a great vacation! There are a number of ways to stay cool both indoors and outdoors during your day in Gatlinburg. Here are some of the best and most fun ways to stay cool in Gatlinburg in summer:

Semi Private Room at The Park Grill

5 Things That Set Our Gatlinburg Restaurant Apart

The Park Grill is raising the bar when it comes to restaurants in the Smoky Mountains! We focus on much more than just the food. When you visit us, you get a full Smoky Mountain experience, complete with southern hospitality, a cozy atmosphere that feels like home and some of the best flavors you’ve ever tasted! Here are 5 things that set our Gatlinburg restaurant apart from the rest:

Gatlinburg Skybridge

Eyes to the Sky: 5 of the Best Views in Gatlinburg

If you’re headed for the Smoky Mountains, chances are you’ll watch to catch some spectacular views while you’re in the area! Thankfully, Gatlinburg has plenty of them! Whether you’re after stunning spring wildflowers, the orange and red hues of fall or snow-covered peaks in winter, you’re just minutes away from views you’ll hold onto forever. Let your worries wash away as you enjoy the serenity of the scenes in the Smokies! Here are 5 of the best views in Gatlinburg:

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4 Reasons We’re One of the Top Gatlinburg Restaurants

The bustling streets of Gatlinburg are lined with countless restaurants, ready to serve visitors and locals alike. With so many options, where should you choose to head for a delicious meal? The Park Grill is one of the top Gatlinburg restaurants, offering delectable meals and a uniquely Smoky Mountain experience for guests from all over to enjoy! Being the unofficial restaurant of Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a responsibility we don’t take lightly! Here are 4 reasons we’re one of the top Gatlinburg restaurants:

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5 Romantic Things to Do in Gatlinburg

Years ago a spark was ignited that would grow into an undeniable love with your partner. Rediscover that spark in the Smoky Mountains! Simply put, Gatlinburg is one of the most romantic areas around thanks to its stunning scenery and long list of exciting, unique things to do! Take a break from the monotony of life by giving yourselves a chance to reconnect with one another. Here are 5 romantic things to do in Gatlinburg:

Park Grill

5 Reasons To Have Lunch at The Park Grill

Pull up a seat and prepare to dig into delicious Smoky Mountain flavors! The Park Grill is your home for a one-of-a-kind dining experience that highlights the most precious parts of the Smoky Mountains! The power of palate pleasing flavors is on full display when you bring the whole crew to enjoy lunch at The Park Grill. Catch up with those you love the most or prepare for the adventures that lie ahead as you enjoy classic flavors of the Smoky Mountains. Here are 5 reasons to have lunch at The Park Grill:

great smoky mountains winter

4 Fun Ways to Enjoy Winter in the Smokies

Bundle up and buckle up! Winter is one of the best times of the year in the Smokies, bringing with it majestic weather and exhilarating adventures! The Great Smoky Mountains transform into a personal playground blanketed with powdery snow and full of fun that you just have to experience for yourself. Whether you’re searching for winter thrills or simply champing at the bit to get into the Christmas spirit, you’ll find it here. To help you make the most of your winter visit, we’ve put together this list of 4 funs ways to enjoy winter in the Smokies:

The Sinks

5 of the Most Stunning Smoky Mountain Waterfalls

Go with the flow and visit a waterfall this trip to the Smoky Mountains! Among all the natural wonders inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, waterfalls are some of the most awe-inspiring sights you can see. The Park Grill sits by the entrance of the national park, meaning you’re just a short trek away from some spectacular Smoky Mountain waterfalls. Here are 5 of the most stunning Smoky Mountain waterfalls:

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4 Occasions to Dine at The Park Grill

Enjoy classic flavors of the Smokies just around the corner from the vibrant natural escape of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! The Park Grill serves up a one-of-a-kind dining experience full of your favorite Southern Appalachia flavors inside of our rustic mountain lodge. Drop by for lunch or dinner and you’ll surely leave satisfied and ready to take on your Smoky Mountain adventures. Here are 4 occasions to dine at The Park Grill:

doors of The Park Grill in Gatlinburg

4 Ways The Park Grill Feels Like Home

Your home away from home is calling your name! It’s only right that when you visit the Smoky Mountains you eat a restaurant that provides a true Smoky Mountain dining experience. That’s exactly what you’ll find at The Park Grill! From the food to the atmosphere, every aspect of The Park Grill is one-of-a-kind, featuring the same unique personality that makes the Smoky Mountains such a special place. Here are 4 ways The Park Grill feels like home:

National Park sign

4 Fun Things to Do in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The crown jewel of the Smokies is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The most-visited national park in the United States attracts millions of visitors each year thanks to its picturesque mountain views, spectacular wildlife and scenes pulled straight from a nature documentary on Netflix! Located just a short drive from The Park Grill, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park should be at the top of your shortlist of things to explore when you visit. Here are 4 fun things to do in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park:

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4 Things Kids Love About Our Gatlinburg Restaurant

It’s time you experience a Smoky Mountain restaurant that everyone in the family is sure to love. The Park Grill is a Smoky Mountain staple among families looking to enjoy a mouth-watering meal in an inviting atmosphere! In particular, kids rave about visiting our Gatlinburg restaurant for a variety of reasons! Here are 4 things kids love about our Gatlinburg restaurant: