A Complete History of the Mountain Lodge at The Park Grill

the park grill exterior

A Complete History of the Mountain Lodge at The Park Grill

Just a few seconds spent at The Park Grill is all the time it takes to marvel at our one-of-a-kind mountain lodge that provides a comforting place for hoards of hungry travelers and locals to enjoy a delicious meal! Before folks ever fall in love with the tasty food at The Park Grill, they fall in love with our perfect mountain atmosphere that is full of Smoky Mountain personality! Plenty of planning and work went into building The Park Grill, with every detail carefully picked out, to make it a place people come to time and time again. Here’s a complete history of the mountain lodge at The Park Grill:

What To Expect at Our Mountain Lodge

rocking chairs at The Park Grill in Gatlinburg

One of the first things you’ll notice about our rustic mountain lodge at The Park Grill is the gorgeous nature of the wood used to create the exterior! Using wood from old spruce trees, the exterior of The Park Grill features a look that’s similar to some of the most beautiful Smoky Mountain log cabins.

We even took stone from rock fences in the Cosby area of Tennessee to use when constructing the mountain lodge at The Park Grill! Gorgeous natural stones line the base of the exterior while the stonework inside helps to set a mood that is equal parts warm, inviting and feels like you’ve found your home away from home in the Smoky Mountains!

Take some time to sit in one of the handmade rocking chairs on our patio to relax and look at the surrounding natural beauty!

Collecting The Wood

The wood used to build The Park Grill comes from old spruce trees that once grew at the top of Payette National Forest in Idaho! The trees used were all dead, either from lightning strikes or bark beetles. Many of these logs were carefully selected because of their unusual markings like natural scars and giant knots.

Preparing the Logs

Semi Private Room at The Park Grill

Then began the extensive process of transporting the wood from Idaho to right here in East Tennessee. The logs were first delivered by truck to Timber, Oregon, where the prefabrication process was completed by Sun Country Logworks.

Each log was hand-peeled using sharp knives. The same person was responsible for peeling every last log to ensure a consistent pattern with a unique style. Once peeled, these logs were moved to the milling area where they were cut to the exact length and specification required to build The Park Grill.

Seven flatbed trucks transported these logs to Gatlinburg where construction on The Park Grill began!

Building The Park Grill

inside of the park grill

Builders poured into Gatlinburg from all over, including from Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and even Canada, to build The Park Grill! Logs were joined together during construction using mortise and tenon connections to help make each piece look like they were perfectly made to fit beside one another.

Now that you’ve discovered the history of our gorgeous mountain lodge at The Park Grill, it’s time to check out the tasty food! Take a look at our menu to decide what you’ll enjoy when you visit The Park Grill!