4 Reasons Why the Salad Bar at The Park Grill is Beloved

the park grill salad bar

4 Reasons Why the Salad Bar at The Park Grill is Beloved

The salad bar at The Park Grill in Gatlinburg is the talk of the town! If you speak to anyone who has dined with us before, chances are they’ll rave about how much they loved our unlimited salad bar! The Park Grill salad bar is stocked to the brim with the freshest ingredients, allowing you to create your own masterpiece how you like it the best. Not only are our salads delicious, they’re a great healthy option that will ensure you have plenty of fuel for your Smoky Mountain adventure. Here are 4 reasons why the salad bar at The Park Grill is beloved:

1. Extensive List of Fresh Ingredients

We’d run out of room if we listed every single ingredient that’s a part of our salad bar! Start by selecting your lettuce mix before moving on to a long list of fresh ingredients just waiting for you to pile them on high! If that’s not enough, our homemade salad dressings are made fresh in-house for you to top everything off. No matter what ingredients you prefer in your salad, we’ve got them covered here at our mountain lodge!

2. Comes Complimentary With Each Specialty Menu Item

The Park Grill salad bar

Our salad bar comes complimentary when you order an entree from our specialties portion of The Park Grill menu! Each specialty entree comes with the salad bar, one side dish and of course our oven hot bread! Our specialty menu includes some fan-favorite options like Hickory Grilled Ribeye or New York Strip, our Award-Winning Baby Back Ribs, Hickory Grilled Moonshine Chicken and several seafood options like Smoky Mountain Shrimp and Grilled Atlantic Salmon. Don’t get carried away at the salad bar, though, as you’ll want to make sure you save plenty of room for your entree!

3. Go Through As Many Times As You’d Like

There’s no limit on the number of times you can go through the salad bar line at The Park Grill! Just want a small appetizer before your meal arrives? Elect for a small salad. Are you a vegetarian or perhaps a salad aficionado? You can make as many trips as you’d like through our salad bar — and you’re going to want to! Why not, right? A salad bar this awesome only comes around so often!

4. A Full Meal in Itself

salad bar

Some of our guests at The Park Grill love our unlimited salad bar so much that they make it their full meal! Or, choose to pair your salad bar experience with a cup of soup of your favorite side dish from The Park Grill. Extra hungry after a hike at the nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park? Since our salad bar is truly unlimited, you’re sure to leave The Park Grill full and with all the energy you’ll need for the rest of your adventures in the Smoky Mountains!
Once you try the salad bar at The Park Grill for yourself, you’ll understand what all the hype is all about! Our salad bar is the perfect way to start your meal with us! What’s next? Check out our guide to a complete meal at The Park Grill!