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Call Ahead Seating

Convenient Call Ahead Seating at The Park Grill

*Call Ahead Seating is not a reservation but can enhance your visit to The Park Grill, especially large groups.

Our rustic mountain lodge provides beautiful spaces with both private and semi-private dining options. So whether you are planning a romantic night out for two, dinner with the kids or an all-out celebration with family and friends, we have the perfect table just for you!

Call Ahead Seating (call on the day you’re dining)

(865) 436-2300, Ex. 104

What we need to know:

  • Expected Arrival Time
  • Number of Guests in Your Party

Upon Arrival:

When your party arrives, simply tell our friendly host and we will take care of the rest.

Call Ahead Seating at The Park Grill

Private & Semi-private Dining

Making plans for a group of 10 or more? Let our Group Reservationist help with planning your special occasion!

Planning a wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, reunion, retreat, corporate event or other special events? We can help!

The Park Grill can easily host from 10 to 150 people in both private and semi-private areas of our rustic mountain lodge.

For more information and help making plans for your special occasion, visit our Event Booking area.