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Moonshine Chicken on the menu

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New Moonshine menu items offer a fresh take on a Tennessee legend  

Moonshine is the stuff legends are made of none more so than here in the Great Smoky Mountains. For decades, it has been the source of tradition, folklore and mystery. Songs have been written and movies have been made about it. Today, moonshine, white lightning, corn liquor, Mountain Dew, whatever you call it, has been liberated from the hills and is now poured freely in the distilleries and bars of downtown Gatlinburg, TN.

At The Park Grill, we experimented with different combinations of moonshine and traditional favorites. As a result, we developed our Moonshine menu. Visit us and enjoy a tasty dish with all the flavors of your favorite “shine.”


On our Lunch Menu, we feature two moonshine options, Grilled Moonshine Chicken and a Moonshine Marinated Chicken Sandwich. Our Grilled Moonshine Chicken has a tropical twist. It features a pineapple-marinated breast with genuine Moonshine in the marinade. It is served with grilled pineapple. The sweet taste of the pineapple compliment the moonshine to create a fantastic flavor we know you are going to enjoy. Additionally, the Moonshine Marinated Chicken Sandwich offers a lighter dining option with the same great flavors. We put the marinated chicken on a toasted bun add grilled pineapple and a savory peppercorn mayonnaise. It’s delightful and filling!


Our famous Dinner Menu features both the Grilled Moonshine Chicken and Moonshine Marinated Chicken Sandwich. It also includes our Moonshine Cherry Beef Kabobs. For this dish, we prepare eight ounces of tender Filet mignon, cherries and red onions all marinated in genuine Moonshine and pineapple juice. The combination of the tender, juicy steak and the flavorful cherries is a perfect balance of hearty taste and sweet goodness.


If you are still in the Moonshine spirit when it’s time for dessert then you’re in luck. We put our Nanner Puddin’ in a pint-size Mason jar. Enjoy banana pudding with peach whipped cream and you may even feel the urge to pass the jar.


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